4 Online Payment Methods

As we know, online financial transactions are often prone to hacking, scamming and other fraudulent activities. You have to ensure that the payment method that you are going to use offers security and protection for both sender and recipient. It is important to familiarize yourself with these methods specially if you are a merchandiser or if you are a web entrepreneur.

Below is a short list of your options:

    1. MoneyBookers – It has more than 20 소액결제 million users so there is a high possibility that your business partners are also using this system. It provides a safe means to transfer your funds online. The best thing about MoneyBookers is that there are no fees for setting up an account and for maintaining it.
    1. Xoom – Don’t let your business partners wait for their money for so long. Xoom is proven fast and reliable. Signing up is quite easy and the recipients will not be charged of any fee. On the other hand, the sender can expect fees which are relatively lower than its competitors. However, you will have to give out legal names and real addresses when sending money.
    1. AlertPay – This company supports over 190 countries worldwide so no matter where you are, or no matter where your business partners are based, you can always turn to AlertPay for a secure and protected financial transaction. You can send money to anywhere in the world without revealing your credit card or bank account details. Another benefit of using this system is the ability of the user to convert money to his local currency which makes things a whole lot easier and simpler.
  1. 2CheckOut – Also known as 2CO, this payment method is very popular to internet marketers. It is a credit card processing platform for American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, etc. One-time set up fee is $49 but you can forget about monthly charges and gateway fee. Best of all, you can rely on the 24-hour customer support service so in case something went wrong while transferring the funds, you can immediately contact the team to settle it.

There are other methods to choose from but these are, by far, the most secured systems that you can use. Instead of completely relying your cash transactions in a single method, it is highly suggested to have one or two alternates. In case your primary means of sending and receiving money is not available for your customers, you still have a back-up system that you can rely on.